Some comments from previous attendees of the course:



Randall Montgomery, NASA / MSFC
"Excellent! I'm excited about the possibilities of improving our design and knowledge in the area of vibration analysis. Mr. Starr was able to enhance my understanding of vibration as it applies to printed wiring assemblies. I feel coming away from this class that I have a good grasp on the how and why of vibration analysis. "

Ed Abner, CPI Satcom
"Very valuable course - extremely effective methods, many years ahead of methods typically used in development of electronics for harsh environments"

Stephen Bracht, New Mexico Tech / EMRTC / METTOP
"Very educational. Information will help greatly in conducting our lead-free electronics vibration testing. "

Mike Downey, Lucent Technology Environmental Testing
"Better understanding of what to and not to look for in test. Plan to relay info to customer, work with customers in developing test programs. Course was well presented, the instructor was obviously an expert in the field and fielded questions/comments readily. "

Professor Nak-Sam Choi, Hanyang University, Reliability Analysis Research Center (Korea); a planning professor for educational programs in RARC
"Combination analysis of vibration fatigue damage and stress at assembly level most useful. Plan to use in education and research for our graduate students."

Mr. Matt Mercier, Invivo Diagnostic Imaging
The student comes away with a fundamental understanding of vibration testing and techniques to optimize it as well as the specifics of analyzing and testing PC boards. Our products do not lend themselves to the PCB analysis software and John showed us how to apply his analysis techniques to our situation. This will be very useful." "Learned more about product reliability than I even imagined possible"

Mr. Jason Klassen, General Dynamics - Advanced Information Systems
"Very informative, good information presented in a larger picture setting of design/development of product. Learned importance of modal shapes and curve graphs. Useful in preliminary design through systems test and integration."

Mr. Clint Mitchell, Advanced Energy
"Loved it! Very well done. "Professor" is very well informed, very knowledgeable and quickly and confidently has answers. Huge change in my understanding (of vibration of electronic systems)."

Mr. Lee Smith, Engineering Consultant, GCAS
"I am very impressed with the approach to highly detailed analysis with minimal detail data entry. (My interest is) applicability of the methods to specific shocks applied to specific equipment."

Dr. Mehmet Çelik, Design Engineer, ASELSAN Electronic Industries Inc, Microwave and System Technologies Division (Turkey)
"Very good event. Most useful, experimental and numerical techniques are used to solve the vibration problems in circuit cards."

Dr. Murat Aykan, Design Engineer, ASELSAN Electronic Industries Inc (Turkey)
"Information will certainly help to improve product reliability and better understand vibration"

Allan McBride, Superconductor Technologies Inc
"This will be a useful tool without needing to be an expert in electronic components, FEA or vibration. It will help supplement testing with analysis for improved understanding of vibration testing relationship to damage accumulation."

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